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​Chicago Loves "Pits" is dedicated to promoting information and awareness for proper ownership of "pit bull" type dogs. Through this program we strive to educate the public about why dogs labeled as "pit bulls" are just like any other dog who deserves love, care and proper treatment. We achieve this in two ways - "Pit Bull" Health Clinics and Bick's Adoption Ambassadors. 


"Pit Bull" Health Clinics

In an effort to drastically lower the number of “pit bull” type dogs housed in shelters or euthanized each year, the Chicago Loves “Pits” program organizes and funds “Pit Bull” Health Clinics in targeted areas. The clinics offer free vaccines, microchips, supplies, and spay/neuter vouchers in order to keep dogs healthy. Clinics are held in targeted areas of Illinois including Waukegan, Englewood and Southeast Chicago neighborhoods. Services at the clinics are completely free to the owners of “pit bull” dogs.  Additionally, we partner with the Chicago Community Pet Coalition and Animal Care League's Vaccine Clinics to enable them to offer free services to "pit bull" owners at their vaccine clinics. 


Bick's Adoption Ambassadors

Bick's Adoption Ambassadors are a team of foundation volunteers who promote adoption of "pit bull" type dogs in partnership with area shelters and rescue groups. Ambassadors assist at adoption events and showcase the wonderful, but often overlooked, "pit bull" type dogs for adoption. 

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